Why Kuber Matka is No Longer a Local Lottery Game?

Its simple format makes Kuber Matka different from and more popular than other Indian lotteries. But the lottery draw still takes place in certain regions. Earlier, enthusiasts have to put extra time and effort to gather information about the Kuber Matka draw. They have to collect information from various sources to determine the schedule and venue of the next Kuber Matka.


Top 10 Popular Mumbai Matka Games

Even if you live in a country where lawmakers have failed to drag themselves into the 21st century and offer legalized online gambling, chances are you can play Satta Matka games online and stake a claim to a life-altering prize.


Why Each Player has the chance to become the Next Satta King?

There was a time when the lottery game of Matka gambling was associated with a number of popular Satta Kings – Ratan Khatri, Klayanji Bhagat and Suresh Bhagat. Some of these Satta Kings made their fortune it Satta Matka lottery game. At the same time, the Satta Kings also controlled huge gambling networks with both local and international[...]

Playing Satta Matka Online: 5 Things You Should Know

Would you like to discover the 5 top things you should know about playing satta matka online? Playing thesatta matka has made instant millionaires out of many lucky winners all around the world. Many people are seeking to join in on the fun and the riches and play satta matka online. Playing satta matka online is convenient and easier than going out to places where satta matka draws are actually held. The new-age satta matka players love to[...]

Top 10 Popular Satta Matka Games in India

Satta Matka is a common betting game with numbers. Based on lucky guesses and winning odds, satta matka games are a source of dreams and hopes all around India and the world. Every time a matka game nears its opening time, people rush in to put their bets on winning satta matka numbers online or offline, making plans of what will they with do with the potentially won money. When trying to make up a top 10 of the best satta matka games in[...]

The Rajdhani Matka Game is no longer a Local Lottery Draw

There was a time Rajdhani Matka was linked with specific regions. But the glamour and thrill associated with Rajdhani Satta made the local lottery game popular among players residing in various regions in India. In the 1960s, many enthusiasts even planned their annual vacation to participate in the hugely popular lottery game. But the advancement in communication technologies has transformed the

How to Play Madhur Day & Night Matka Anytime

The Matka draws are often described as a popular form on Indian lottery. But Madhur Day & Night Matka game is much more popular than other forms of lottery in India. Also, its rules and format make Madhur Day Matka & Night Matka completely different from lottery draws taking place across India. There was a time when Madhur Day[...]

Playing Milan Day & Night Matka in the Digital Age

There was a time when Milan Day & Night Matka draws were grand and glamorous events. Thousands of people attended these lottery draws to experience the excitement and glamour associated with the Indian lottery game. But the latest digital technologies have transformed Milan Day Matka & Night Matka into popular video games. A[...]

Now Play Kalyan Satta Matka without being Present in Kalyan

The Satta Matka draws take place in various parts of Mumbai. But a popular Matka game is associated with Kalyan – a city in the Thane district of Maharashtra. As Mumbai’s exit station, Kalyan links the Mumbai area to both South and North India. Hence, you can easily travel to Kalyan and participate in Kalyan Satta Matka draws. But you can leverage the latest communication technologies to

Choosing a Reliable Website to Play Gali Satta or Gali Matka

Earlier, Gali Satta or Gali Matka game was associated with specific locations in Goa and Mumbai. But the latest digital technologies have completely transformed the popular form of India lottery. Nowadays, you can play Gali Satta over the internet regardless of your current location. There are several websites that help you to gather information about upcoming