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Matka Bazar
Transformation of Satta Bazar from Time to Time
By: Sattmat | June 6, 2018 |No Comments

The term Satta Bazar nowadays represent a wide variety of betting in India. Several studies even suggest that Satta is currently more popular than other forms of lottery in India. But initially Satta was associated with New York Stock Exchange. Also, Satta Bazar was almost synonymous with the commodity exchange...

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Satta matka Fixing
How Internet Eliminated Incidents of Satta Matka Fixing?
By: Sattmat | April 9, 2018 |No Comments

There was a time when Satta Fix draws were glamorous events. Many popular Bollywood stars were attending the lottery draws taking place in various parts of Mumbai. But the Satta landscape was dominated by leading Matka Kings. In addition to controlling these Satta draws, the Matka Kings were indulging in...

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Satta Matka game
How New Age Players Participate in the Satta Matka Game?
By: Sattmat | March 21, 2018 |No Comments

There was a time when Satta Matka games were restricted to certain parts of Mumbai and Goa. The enthusiasts have to visit Mumbai or Goa to experience the excitement and thrill associated with the local lottery draws. But a large percentage of players nowadays participate in Satta game without visiting...

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